Animal Kingdom Top 5 Snacks!

Animal Kingdom is one of my favorite places to get snacks because I always feel like I’m trying something different. Don’t get me wrong I certainly have favorites, but this is for sure a place to try new things!


5. Buffalo Chicken Wings


Okay I know what you’re thinking.. “buffalo chicken wings as a snack?!” But they come packed as 3, which is totally a snack size portion, and the perfect amount of protein to keep you going! They are just the right amount of spicy and I love crunch on the celery!

You can get these at Terra Treats for 5.99


4. Falafel


So I am totally a FALAFEL FREAK! These little bites are packed with so much flavor with the perfect amount of crunch! The tzatziki sauce is super simple but a really yummy compliment! These are a must have when at Animal Kingdom for me!

You can find these at Mr. Kamals for just 4.99!

Pro-tip These and everything else at Mr. Kamals is vegetarian!


3. Elephant Caramel Apple


Obviously in the Animal Kingdom you need to get an animal shaped treat! Elephants are my absolute favorite animal so this is always the treat I get! There is something super refreshing about biting into a juicy apple on a hot day and caramel is always welcome in my belly and they are such a fun food to snap a picture of!

You can find these at Zuri’s Sweet Shop for 9.99

(If elephants are not your thing they also have a monkey apple that is just as yummy!)


2. Corn on the Cob


Now I KNOW you are DEFINITELY thinking I’ve lost my mind on the snack train, but this corn is AMAZING! It is flamed grilled and dipped in butter, if your mouth is not watering yet, wait for it.. it is curry seasoned! This is an upgraded for corn on the cob for sure.

You can snag this at the Harambe Fruit Market for 4.29

Pro-tip make sure you stock up on napkins for this snack!


1. Warm Cinnamon Roll


Warm. Cinnamon. Icing. Mickey Shaped. Does this treat need anymore of a description?

You can drool over this at Kusafiri Bakery and Creature Comforts for 6.99

Pro tip This thing is HUGE, can easily be a family shared treat!


These are my go-tos at Animal Kingdom, do you have a favorite snack or animal from the Kingdom? Share it below in the comments! 



Pictures from disney food blog and disney websites, I do not own these pictures.


2 thoughts on “Animal Kingdom Top 5 Snacks!

  1. So my favorite out of this list is the Falafel & elephant Caramel Apple! I can’t wait to try those when we go visit! Are any of these gluten free?


    1. Sadly the falafel is not gluten free! However the Elephant apple and the corn are gluten free! The chicken wings are “gluten sensitive” because of the oil they are fried in is not a dedicated fryer! I will be posting a gluten free section in the near future!


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