Magic Kingdom Top 5 Snacks!

I don’t know about you but when I go to Disney World my diet is almost always out the window! When I walk in to Magic Kingdom and see that castle I am instantly a little kid again, which means my eyes are MUCH bigger than my belly, so let’s bite right into my favorite snacks at MK!

1. Obviously you need to get a Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bar


There is just something about these bad boys that are just better than any other ice cream treat, the chocolate melts too fast so you better get that ice cream/castle insta pic before it’s too late!

You can grab these at any ice cream cart in the park for 5 dollars
Pro-tip if you ask for a drink lid you can slip it on the bottom of your mickey bar so you don’t turn into a sticky mess!


2. Fresh Fruit Waffle Sandwich


Okay let me start by saying you CAN totally share this but it will be up to you if you actually WANT too! I mean it has fruit so it’s TECHNICALLY healthy, right? Just make sure to grab extra napkins for this treat!

You can get these at Sleepy Hollow located in Liberty Square for 8.29

3. Dole Whip Float


Another all time favorite is..  well really anything from Aloha Isle, but my favorite is the Dole Whip Float, with the perfect amount of delicious ice cream and refreshing pineapple juice, you simply can’t go wrong!

You can get these at Aloha Isle (this is the original place to get them) for 4.49
Pro-tip you can get an adult version with dark rum at Animal Kingdoms Tamu Tamu Refreshments for 7 dollars)

4. Cinnamon Roll


This thing is as big as my head, and no I’m not joking. This amazingly gooey dessert can feed a family of 4. Remember what I said earlier about my eyes being bigger than my belly, this is the masterpiece that made me realize that!

You can get this and relax after eating it because you will need to at Gaston’s Tavern for 5 bucks and yes it is so worth it!


5. Turkey Leg


My eyes are bigger than my stomach again.. These turkey legs are ginormous and I hope I never run into a turkey that big in my life time! I will say these are so yummy but i get overwhelmed after a few bites, (maybe my arms are too weak to hold them up) so make sure you have a partner for this treat!

You can get these at a dedicated Turkey Leg cart in FronteirLand for 11.75
Pro-Tip these are GLUTEN FREE!

So now that you know some of my favorite Magic Kingdom snacks, leave a comment of yours so I can give them a try!



All pictures from Disney website or Disney food blog, I do not own these photos


3 thoughts on “Magic Kingdom Top 5 Snacks!

  1. Being a new DVC member and having gone for the first time to WDW last year, I haven’t tried any of these yet! But now I know what to look for! thanks!

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